How to Use a Cock Ring

How to Use a Cock Ring
20 January, 2019

           Choose a comfortable cock ring size.

A penis right that is too tight can be uncomfortable, and a ring that is too loose can have little effect on your erection and stamina.

A good option is to opt for a penis ring set or adjustable band because they will let you experiment with a variety of sizes.

Stretch the ring outward and over the head of your penis.

This step should be done while the penis is soft or semi-soft.  

For fixed or metal rings, you can also add a bit of lube to the ring or your penis to make sliding on and off more comfortable.

Slide or roll the ring to the base of the penis, up against the balls.

For beginners, you can use your penis ring in this position. Asses the tightness of you band and adjust accordingly so that it is tight, but comfortable.
Like before, simply add a bit of lube and the penis ring should slide off without a problem. It is important to remove the ring after use, or after wearing if for 30 minutes to be safest.

Tip: While you are still learning how to use a cock ring take your time and go slowly. If you find it to be too difficult, bump up to the larger size cock ring.

The important thing is to make things are tight and snug, but not uncomfortable.

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