Health Benefits of Sex

Health Benefits of Sex
8 January, 2019

Health Benefits of Sex      


It ends up that those who revel in sex and engage in it often, and those who could take it or leave it, along with those who only periodically engage in it – sex comes with more than just pleasure, sharing of love, communication and potential procreation. Sex also provides health benefits, and the medical authorities have weighed in on this. Following are some of the health benefits to be gained by spending time in-between the sheets.

For starters, one authoritative site that has weighed in on this matter is, where all articles are written by medical doctors. According to their medical writer, sex offers a boost to the immune system. IgA, or immunoglobulin A, is an antibody that increases for those who have sex about two times a week.

They also share that sex helps women with bladder control, by helping them to work their pelvic floor. This keeps incontinence (a leaky bladder) at bay.

Also on WebMD’s list of benefits is the strengthening of sex itself. In other words, as they indicate, doing it makes you better at doing it.

Relationships also spruce up when there’s some sex going on between couples.

There’s a drop in blood pressure for those who engage in sex as well.

Sex is a stress reliever as well, according to WebMD. Also, a Scotland based Journal called Biological Psychology reports that their research study confirms this finding.

And yes, sex counts as exercise, and riding on the heels of that calorie burn is the possibilities of better weight management. This, and the following benefits were provided by

MedicineNet reports that the self-esteem of those who partake also is typically higher than those who don’t.

The sense of well-being is also higher for those who engage in sex with a partner.

Some of this information comes as a surprise. Others, such as an improvement in intimacy, are more commonly known. While it doesn’t cure all ills, it seems that sex is a good prescription for healthy outcomes. Some people don’t need excuses or documentation along these lines, but it doesn’t hurt to arm yourself with some good reasons to have your pleasure in good measure with the one that you treasure.

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