Ben Wa Balls

Asvani Glass Ben Wa Balls

These blooming ben wa balls are ideal for exercising Kegel muscles for more control and sexual sensa..


Geisha Triple Trainer Ben Wa Balls

This triple set of ben wa balls are dual layered for exciting internal movement. With each shift, th..


Grey Shadows Silicone Ben Wa Balls

I want you in superb condition for our meetings...Sir said as he handed me a curious set of oval sha..


Jaded Glass Ben Wa Balls

These artfully designed glass ben wa balls are meant to be admired and desired. Ideal for Kegel exer..


Magnus 1 Inch Magnetic Kegel Balls

This devious set of two 1 inch magnetized Kegel balls pack some serious pressure! Once inside, the u..


Magnus Magnetic Orbs Ultimate Set

Sadists and masochists will love this dastardly kit for pleasure and pain! Experience more powerful ..


Marquis Velvety Ben Wa Balls - Black

She sat blindfolded, anxiously waiting for the next instruction to come. Biting her lip in anticipat..


Sirs 1 Inch Golden Benwa Balls

Palm up...Sir commands, placing two golden steel balls in my upturned hand. Feeling them roll around..


Sweetheart BenWa Balls 1 Inch Diameter

Give your lover a sweet surprise- two steel Kegel balls, nestled in a fitted burgundy case, topped w..


Trinity Vibes Sterling Grey Benwa Balls

Venture into the land of naughty surprises with these stimulating kegel balls. Designed to be held w..


Two In the Pink Shiny Ben Wa Balls

These shiny pink Ben Wa balls are made of smooth, metallic ABS plastic, with a removable silicone sl..


Venus Benwa Balls

These Master Series Venus Benwa Balls are ideally designed to keep your playthings internal muscles ..


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