Whips & Paddles

12 Inch Leather Slapper with Holes

Has your partner been a bad boy or girl? Need punish them for their misdeeds? Well this slapper is t..


3 Foot Snakewhip 12 Plait - Black

Elegantly braided and carefully crafted for the finest in sensual pleasure, this 48 inch long whip h..


Crimson Tied Embossed Flogger

This stylish flogger features an embossed red and black vinyl handle, with a multitude of sensation ..


GreyGasms 7 Piece Erotic Bondage Play Kit GreyGasms 7 Piece Erotic Bondage Play Kit
33% off

GreyGasms 7 Piece Erotic Bondage Play Kit

Tied up and completely exposed, bound in black satin...waiting and open. Breathless in anticipation...

$49.99 $74.95

Hearts of Love Paddle Hearts of Love Paddle
26% off

Hearts of Love Paddle

Is your bedroom bondage play ready for a heart attack? The Hearts of Love Leather Paddle features th..

$33.99 $45.95

Imprint Spanking Paddle- Whore Imprint Spanking Paddle- Whore
37% off

Imprint Spanking Paddle- Whore

Make your mark on your sub and show them just what you think of them with these fun imprint paddles...

$9.99 $15.95

Lingam Glass Dildo Flogger Lingam Glass Dildo Flogger
36% off

Lingam Glass Dildo Flogger

This handcrafted impact toy has a sparkling glass handle and multiple soft suede falls, for incredib..

$44.99 $69.95

Pleather Pleasure Mini Flogger Pleather Pleasure Mini Flogger
37% off

Pleather Pleasure Mini Flogger

Get a handful of pleasure and pain with this pint sized hand flogger. The man made leather is soft a..

$9.99 $15.95

Rainbow Lambskin Leather Flogger

Let your colors fly with this multi-hued impact device! The high quality leather has brightly colore..


Shadow Grey Leather Riding Crop

This elegant black crop is tipped with a flash of grey at the end that will deliver a crisp dose of ..


Short Suede and leather Flogger Short Suede and leather Flogger
35% off

Short Suede and leather Flogger

The many tails of this suede flogger will flash red and black as they impact the skin of your sub. E..

$42.99 $65.95

Short Suede Flogger - Black Short Suede Flogger - Black
40% off

Short Suede Flogger - Black

With a flick of your wrist, you can deliver big pleasure, wrapped up in a small package. Measuring j..

$14.95 $24.95

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