Cherry Scented 10 Inch Vibro-Dong

This sumptuously sweet scented jelly dong is driven by 2 powerful multi-speed vibrating bullets. Des..


Deep Dickin Derek 12 Inch Dildo with Suction Cup

Ready for some serious deep dickin? Get your hands on Derek and let the intense penetration begin! T..


Enormous Evan 10 Inch Dildo with Suction Cup

Get ready for immense gratification when you take on Enormous Evan! At 10 inches long and almost 2 m..


Immense Ivan 12.5 Inch Dildo

This thrilling black dildo is a full 12.5 inches of ass-stretching glory. The deep black PVC materia..


SexFlesh Stuff-Me Stefan 10 inch Dildo

Stuff yourself full of Stefan! This enormous curved cock should go a long way to fulfilling your mea..


The Black Destroyer Huge 16.5 Inch Dildo

You will probably need a ball gag, too, unless you want the neighbors to hear all the noise! There i..


The Titan XXL 14.5 Inch Dildo

Only the boldest size enthusiasts can handle the Titan Black Dildo. This humongous dildo offers a re..


Tremendous Trevor 14 Inch Dildo

Experience tremendous pleasure with a true behemoth- Tremendous Trevor is large, cocked, and ready f..


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